ATIS business model benefits


For the end customer, the operators

Decreases the investment required to build a site, enabling the deployment of more sites for the same capital budget.

Site sharing reduces operating costs as these are split amongst various operators.

Site sharing also accelerates the deployment for clients collocating on existing sites.

We allow the operator to focus on strategic business areas, relying non-core infrastructure development on us.


For the end- customer

Coverage and capacity improvements due to increased project scale, resulting on improved service quality – voice calls that do not drop, uniform high speed data Access, enhanced connectivity… at home, on the go, at the office.

Shared infrastructure decreases visual pollution versus having multiple single operator towers in any given area.


For the owner of a space suitable for infrastructure installation

Long term rental income.

Immediate improvement of voice and data communications in the area.

Network connectivity and power availability at the site opens a new range of new business creation for the site owner.


For the Federal, Provincial and Municipal government

ATIS is a new source of investment, on top of the services operators’.

Infrastructure sharing improves investment productivity and overall efficiency.

Increased sector investment accelerates connectivity, an essential requirement for the evolution of the country’s cultural, educational and business needs.

Neutral infrastructure allows for new business models related to smartcity, Internet of Things (IOT), monitoring and security applications.



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